• Graham M Coull

    A VERY young man at heart looking no where near his 40 years! Graham has been involved in many sports being in 2 Commonwealth Games squads.

    Graham did his first triathlon in 1998 in the Isle of Man whilst on a weight loss and fitness campaign. He was once twice his current size hitting 20 stone! He lost 7 stone in 7months and has never put it back on!!

    Graham has completed over 200 triathlon and duathlon events over the past 11 years completing is 20th Official IRONMAN race earlier in 2011. He has raced all over the world.

    Graham is keen to get everyone to participate in sport regardless of ability through motivation and creating inner belief. People can achieve goals way beyond there wildest expectation, if they are given the drive to believe it! Is what Graham thrives on.

    Graham has coached general fitness classes, skipping (ropes), turbo/spin for many years. He has completed his level 2 triathlon coaching course and working on Level 3.

    Sport is for everyone, regardless of ability I want people to participate, they will then understand why we do this intoxicating range of sports.

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