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    Booking Training Sessions

    As of the 1st February 2019 we have moved over to our new online system for booking into and paying for training sessions. If you want to attend any training session from that date onwards you will need to log into your existing WebCollect account and book yourself and/or your family members onto the session before you attend. You will be able to book onto and pay for multiple sessions at a time as we will release ONE months’ worth of sessions at a time, one month before the period starts. So for example, the training sessions for April will be released at the beginning of March.

    To access the training sessions just log into the WebCollect Home Page as you currently do, by clicking here. On the Home Page, if you hover your mouse over any of the orange highlighted dates in the events calendar you’ll see the available sessions listed below the calendar, along with the number of places available. If you then click on one of the dates in the calendar and then the session below it that you want to attend, you’ll be presented with a list of all the available dates for that session and the ticket price. Please make sure you select the correct ticket price, which is based on your actual age (not your age at the end of the year) and whether or not you are an active coach/lifeguard. Once you’ve ticked your sessions and picked your ticket price, click on the “Add to basket” button and then either go back to the calendar and pick more sessions or go to your basket and pay.

    A word of caution – once you have purchased any of these sessions we will not be able to refund you if you are not able to attend, so please book sensibly. However, happy for you to trade sessions with someone else if you’re not able to attend, but you’ll need to do that directly with the person or just post it on the Club’s Facebook page or email Group.

    Please also bear in mind that the transaction fee that we are charged as a club for every single payment through WebCollect is 1.4% + 30p. So that equates to an additional 1.4% on top of the total amount, plus as extra 30p. You will be charged the extra 30p regardless of whether you purchase 1 training session or 20. So the more sessions you purchases at any one time the less you will pay in transaction fees.

    We will also be changing the sign-in process slightly from 1st February 2019. For adult training sessions you will no longer need to bring along your membership card for scanning. But for junior training sessions you will still need to bring along your membership card for handing in as part of the “check-in / check-out” process.

    The person(s) doing sign-in at the training sessions will have access to the list of people who have purchased tickets to attend that training session. If you turn up to the session and haven’t already purchased a ticket, and if you have your smart device to hand then you will be able to log into your WebCollect account there and then, and purchase a ticket (if there are any left). There will be no other way to pay for a session other than through WebCollect, so PLEASE don’t put the sign-in people in an awkward position and ask to get in without paying or if the session is already full.

    If you have any questions about this process then please let us know by emailing membership@stirlingtriathlon.com.

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