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    Why choose one sport when you can get involved in all three ?

    We aim to make your involvement in triathlon fun, friendly and inspiring. Children can join the club when they turn 8 years old. Triathlon is a fun way to enjoy sport, make new friends and take part in Stirling Triathlon Club’s (STC) Junior Training Programme.

    Here are the top questions our new junior members asked us !

    Do I have to have done a triathlon before joining ?

    No.  You do need to be able to swim, run and ride a bike.  Our junior sessions are not lessons to teach you how.  They are training sessions to help you improve.

    We do not provide swimming lessons – you must be a competent front crawl swimmer before joining – able to swim 50m front crawl, non-stop, face in the water, breathing to the side and in less than 70 seconds.  If space allows, you will be invited to join the Saturday swim session. You can also take part in the Saturday morning run training session at the same venue.  We ask parents to remain at the venue during the first few sessions.

    How long will it be before I’m ready to take part in my first race ?

    We encourage our junior members to take part in events straight away. Triathlon is a very inclusive sport and you’ll find races great fun.

    How long will it be before I’m ready to have a crack at the Olympics ?

    The road to sporting stardom is long and hard and you’ll need to be very committed to your sporting goals. The good news is that Stirling Triathlon Club is an ideal environment to start your sporting career.

    Here are the top questions your parents asked us !

    Who will look after my child ?

    Every coached session is led by a qualified Triathlon Coach who has experience in working with children and young adults.  All coaches have been through the appropriate checks and the club is registered with Active Stirling and affiliated to the sport governing body – Triathlon Scotland.

    What special kit do they need ?

    Swimsuit, goggles, and a pair of well fitting trainers. Training and races at junior level are mainly aquathlons (swim and run) and therefore it is not essential to have a bike. For triathlon, a bike of any sort, providing it is safe and roadworthy and a bike helmet.  You cannot participate in cycling training or races unless you are wearing a helmet.

    How much will all this cost ?

    Annual membership costs are revised each year. The current cost of membership can be found here. In addition, the cost of each of the training sessions can be found here. Many of the other training sessions and support are free, and are delivered by a group of enthusiastic coaches and helpers who all volunteer their time to the club.

    My child doesn’t know anything about Triathlon how will they get on ?

    If they have an interest in sports, have the ability to swim 50m and can ride a bike safely then we can help with the rest.

    How often do they need to attend training sessions ?

    Most of our junior members come along on a regular basis. Many of our swim sessions are full at the moment, so if you get a place we would expect regular attendance. Please note that we have an extensive waiting list and therefore would greatly appreciate knowing if your child is going to miss an extended period of training. If your child does not attend for 3 consecutive weeks without notification then their place wil be reallocated.

    How often do I need to take them to events and races ?

    Juniors can take part in various events and races throughout the year and this requires travel and time commitments by parents. Once involved in the club, car sharing and cooperation with other parents can help with this.

    Do I need to help out ?

    The club is currently run by volunteers and we actively encourage parents to get involved and support their children.

    My child is a member of other sports clubs can they still join in ?

    Absolutely, we encourage children to explore all sorts of sport and club environments. Many of our junior members are involved with Central Athletics and Stirling Bike Club.

    Can I get involved in Triathlon too ?

    Yes, many of our junior members parents come along and take part in the main weekly training sessions. We are also always looking for people who are prepared to take on more formal roles within the club and helping to run our three races during the year.

    What do I need to do now ?

    If your child is 16 or under please contact  junior enquiries providing them with age and current experience in swimming, cycling and running. Additionally, the coach will need a history of relevant exercise/ medical/ injury.  Following your enquiry you will receive a welcome email and information regarding available sessions at the club.

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