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    Joining Stirling Triathlon Club

    Stirling Triathlon Club prides itself on creating a friendly and inspiring environment for people interested in keeping fit and healthy lifestyles and has a weekly training schedule to suit people of all abilities.

    Whether you want to come along to our spin class once a week or get involved in a more demanding training schedule we have the most comprehensive sports training programme in the Stirling area.

    Our aim is to provide an environment for people of all abilities to have access to sport and the benefits that a Triathlon training programme offer.

    Unlike other programmes Triathlon means you can train for three different sports and get all of the benefits associated with cross training.

    So whether you simply want to lose weight and get fit or aspire to completing your first Triathlon or have bigger goals in mind Stirling Triathlon Club has the environment for you.

    Annual membership cost now stands at £30.

    If you have any further questions then please send an email to membership@stirlingtriathlon.com.



    Once you become a paid up member of the club you can also join our Facebook groups, on which we have two. One for juniors and one general group for everyone.

    If you already have a Facebook account then just search for our Facebook groups. They are called;

    These are both closed groups so you have to request to join. Anyone who is a member of these groups can post or reply to them.

    We also have a Facebook Page, called Stirling Triathlon, that is used by the club to publicise things to everyone, including non-members. You can “Like” this page if you want to see what is being publicised to the outside world about our club.

    30 Years, 300 members and counting...