• Ester Coma

    Ester started swimming in her native Catalunya when she was 4 years old and she participated in her first swimming race at the age of 6 at her local swimming club, Club Natacio Vic-ETB. She spent 11 years at this club where she grew to become an elite swimmer.
    She moved to Club Natacio Sabadell in 1991 to further develop her swimming career. She swam with this club till the age of 18. Some of her swimming career highlights are: 2nd of Spain in 200m crawl at the age of 13, 2nd of Catalunya at 200m crawl, 1st of Catalunya at the 4x200m crawl.
    She also really enjoyed open water swimming (no wetsuit required back home!) during the summer months, her highest achievement was the 15.5km Ebro river swim in 3h 9min.
    Ester moved to sunny Scotland in 2002 and joined the Stirling Triathlon Club in 2008. Her first triathlon was Lochore in the summer of 2009 where she realised that she needed to improve on her cycling and in particular on her running.

    Since then Ester has taken part in numerous middle distance triathlons and also taken part in the well known Long Distance Triathlon in Roth, Germany and experienced the new Swim/Runs events.

    Ester’s years as a ‘professional’ swimmer have given her great values in life; hard work, discipline, working as part of a team, motivation to keep training hard, achieving goals and surpassing expectation, and mental and physical strength.

    We were delighted when Ester agreed to take on a coaching role at Stirling Triathlon Club, we know she has lots to offer and her experience in sport can be used to help others perform at higher levels. She is now a Level 2 Coaching Triathlon.

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