• Stephen Kynaston

    Stephen joined the club in 2014 and is a Level 2 Qualified Coach.

    Over the years Stephen has a participated in various competitive sports from swimming to skydiving so has a good understanding of the need for the best possible physical and mental preparation and training. Having spent most of his teenage years in the swimming pool competing in breaststroke, butterfly and water polo, Stephen’s primary coaching focus is swim related, both in the pool and in open water.

    As a relatively new triathlete Stephen has a keen interest in coaching and helping both junior and adult beginners as well as encouraging more awareness of strength and conditioning for triathletes.

    Stephen predominantly coaches juniors however he enjoys engaging with, coaching and learning from athletes of all ages, levels and abilities. Being able to assist members, especially new ones achieve their goals no matter how big or small those goals are particularly appeals to him.

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