• Shaun O’Donnell

    Ask anyone who knows him and they’ll be sure to mention Shaun’s love of cycling, be it, road, off road or a bit of Danny Macaskill style trials, he loves it all. His background started with a love of XC Mountain Biking in his early teens and then into Road Cycling before a desk job slowed things down having previously been working in the cycling industry.
    Fast forward a dozen years and a few stones heavier, inspired by watching the Super Series Tri at Strathclyde Park in 2011 on TV, Shaun decided to do that same event the very next year and that catapulted him into the world of Triathlon and Stirling Triathlon Club’s training sessions.
    Shaun worked long and hard on correcting an inefficient swim stroke, which found him progressing up the swim lanes and also up the results board. His claim to fame, and he’ll brag about this to anyone who’s interested, is finishing ahead of F1 driver Jenson Button at the 2013 Jenson Button Trust Triathlon qualifier. This new found love of the sport, with open water swimming becoming his most enjoyable discipline, helped him secure 2 gold medals in 2015 for open water swimming.
    Keen to give something back to the club, despite only having joined the club in 2012, Shaun qualified as a UKCC Level 1 Triathlon Coach in 2014 and then Level 2 in 2016. He mostly coaches swimming to both juniors and adults and gets a huge amount of satisfaction from analysing and correcting swim stroke issues, after all it is something he has had to do himself.


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