• Bob Hanson

    Back in 2005, at the ripe old age of 39, This one time reluctant athlete decided that his girth was greater than his age and started doing circuit training at Stirling Triathlon Club.

    Having Joined Stirling Triathlon Club and reaping the benefits of those who encouraged this middle aged, middle of the road, would be triathlete Bob decided to “give something back” and set about becoming a triathlon coach.

    Bob has been a coaching at the club since late 2007, and since 2010 as a level 2 triathlon coach and level 3 since 2013.

    Bob loves watching athletes progress from their very first triathlon race onto either longer distance events or more demanding training schedules. He gets a real buzz seeing people becoming proficient and reaching their goals whether they are first timers, hobbyists or elite athletes “it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to make a difference and enable people to achieve more than they thought possible”

    Bob still finds time for his own triathlon training programme. He likes to keep fit and enjoys the activity, these are his main motivators. For Bob triathlon is about participation, enjoyment and pushing your own personal limits.

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