• Paying for Sessions

    The Club has now moved to an on-line system for club members to make payments for training sessions. These payments are referred to as TRAINING CREDITS, and can be used to pay for any training session that requires a payment. They can be shared amongst all members of the same family or group that you set up when you applied for your club membership. So you no longer need a separate payment card for each family member. This move was made for a number of reasons, all of which make the jobs of club volunteers and members that bit easier.

    Training credits can be purchased in £30 increments, from the same website as the club membership…www.webcollect.org.uk/stc.

    Once credits have been purchased you will get a confirmation email. But it can take up to 5 working days for the payment to go through. However, this doesn’t stop you from attending any of the training sessions.

    At the end of each month, an email will be sent to each club member, detailing; how many credits they have purchased, how many they have used and their account balance. If the account is in debt, then we would expect the member to purchase more training credits to get back into credit and to cover at least the next month’s training. Any members’ whose accounts are consistently in debt will be stopped from attending training sessions until their account is back in credit.

    When attending training sessions that require payment, members must bring along their membership card. This is so that your membership card can be swiped and the session fee deducted from your account. We run a strict policy of…


    You are not able to use someone else’s membership card for payment, as multiple scans of the same card at a training session has been blocked. The system has been designed to identify and delete duplicate scans, so that if someone double scans by mistake they will not be charged twice.

    If you have any questions about this process then please let us know by emailing membership@stirlingtriathlon.com.

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