• Dave Richards

    David did a bit of club swimming back in the days when swimming stars had moustaches and 7 gold medals at an Olympics was thought to be impressive. Around the age of 40 he decided to try to get fit again and jump back into the pool again. After a few years of swimming with the Stirling Triathlon Club he gradually started coming along to the run sessions as well and eventually tried the cycling sessions too.

    David was hooked. From randomly entering a triathlon in pre-fit days where he finished last man to the present day he has completed 3 ironman distance races, 4 ½ IM, 2 Standards and 12 Sprints as well as various random other events as the mood takes.

    David loves the excitement that doing these events has brought to his life and loves going out to train with other like minded souls. He loves the whole ethos of the triathlon world where the first timer can compete with a world champion. Where the last man finished gets as big a cheer as the first.

    David is new to coaching having just gained his level 1 teaching and coaching swimming this year. He hopes he can help others to have the same life changing experience that he has had and is still having.

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